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I am Slava – a designer passionate about simple solutions for purpose-driven identities. I use design, psychology + strategy to develop visual narrative and build meaningful brands.

I design to get attention, shape understanding + drive action. My work engages humans and makes ideas cut through the noise.



simplify. persuade. delight.

I work with professionals in architecture, real estate, travel, tech + infrastructure design. Together, we tell compelling stories that make people go places.

Indigenous Tourism BC

content strategy + visual design

Design and content strategy for ‘Invest in Iconics’, a corporate group working with stakeholders to grow the commercial offering of Indigenous Tourism BC and drive innovation in the tourism space.

Indigenous Tourism BC – Corporate

WBM Technologies Inc.

visual design + content strategy

Design of multiple WBM’s competition submissions for Microsoft Canada Impact Awards, recognizing Microsoft partners who are bettering lives of Canadians as well as excelling in sales, marketing, innovation and implementation.

In 2021, WBM received two awards (Surface Impact + Modern Workplace) for outstanding work it provided to their customers and community. In 2022, WBM received the Microsoft Community Response IMPACT Award which recognizes outstanding achievement in providing innovative and unique services or solutions based on Microsoft technologies to help solve challenges faced by communities and deliver significant social impact.

Microsoft Impact Awards 2021 Winner Announcement

Microsoft Impact Awards 2022 Winner Announcement

WBM Corporate Announcement 2021

WBM Corporate Announcement 2022

Hapa Collaborative

visual design + content strategy

Strategic communications design for Vancouver’s award winning landscape architecture studio, including visual design of business proposals, award submissions, grant applications + design/development of website content.  

Hapa Collaborative

Developed engagement materials and digital protocol to facilitate interactions with stakeholders and public. 

Digital Engagement


Robson Plaza

strategy + visual design + web development

This digital engagement platform was created to inform the public about Robson Plaza 2021 redesign,  and strengthen confidence for civic + public life (supported by City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, Vancouver Art Gallery and Arthur Erickson Foundation).

| collaboration between Nick Milkovich Architects and Hapa Collaborative |

Robson Plaza

National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan (RFQ)

visual design + content strategy

Shortlisted design competition submission presented to Department of Canadian Heritage, showcasing experience + abilities of a multidisciplinary team of landscape architects, designers, artists and veterans (Team Hapa). 

Government of Canada Announcement: Shortlisted Teams

Final submission requirements included digital presentation slides and fly-through video of 3d model.

Final Submission


visual design + content strategy

Content creation and visual design for marketing of Storylines, a private ‘all-inclusive’ residence at sea. Emphasis on print marketing, including a comprehensive + elegant mail-in brochure. 


This innovative real estate/tech startup is attracting investors from the around the globe and is due to host its residents and sail the seas in 2025.


BBC Travel 

photography + art direction + strategy

Digital strategy, content creation and visual design for BBC Travel series “See Serbia”, co-created with Serbia’s Ministry of Agriculture & Tourism to attract and capitalize on millenial short-term travellers from EU.

BBC Travel: See Serbia

Turistička Organizacija Srbije (TOS)

Photography work for this project was featured in the 2018 Belgrade Waterfront Art Exhibit.

Belgrade Waterfront “Vodeno Blago Srbije” Exhibit

MCM Partnership

visual design, brand direction + web development


Annava Advisory

content strategy, visual design + web development

MCM Interiors Ltd.

visual design, brand direction + web development

PCI Group Inc.

visual design + digital marketing


visual design + corporate communicatons


visual design, content strategy + web development

Keeping it real + simple

all about strategy

Alignment happens when we put things down on paper. This essential step ensures we are on the “same page” before we get into visual design. We will value each other’s time and input, offering enthusiasm, constructive feedback and undivided attention. 

The design process is super fun when done right. By keeping lines of communication open and developing a common language, we will spark a shared vision and produce quality creative that will be authentic, timely and meaningful to many. 

simplify. persuade. delight.


Let’s embrace change

improvement by design

I design brand systems, campaigns + identities to add value and forge lasting relationships. From travel to tech, architecture and interior design, I have helped forward-thinking leaders bring their vision to reality by ensuring their brand narrative remained authentic and compelling.

I believe everything can be improved (myself included) and approach every situation as an opportunity to learn and explore the vast space of potential.   |   there’s an art to everything.